Here is the stencil that I put down on Route 66 as I travel across the country on Route 66.  Stencil is for sale but only to public works departments, state DOT’s, or other authorized agents on Route 66, and the stencil is not to be reproduced without artist’s consent (me).  For every stencil bought, I will donate $100 to the preservation, or restoration of a Route 66 Structure.  The stencil is a two piece design made out of 1/8″ thick polyethylene plastic.  One is a large cut-out that displays the shield in white.  The next layer is created by a stencil that has the words, numbers, and outline cut out displaying the respective “Route US 66″ in black.  The size of the actual finished shield approximately is 42″ square.  There are customizable arrows featuring city name and/or alignment date, or roadside attraction also available.  Show your pride for Route 66 by promoting it through your town and help increase tourism on your section of Route 66 by marking a clear path for people to follow.   The price of the stencil is $950, with discounts available for multiple orders.

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